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March 31, 2009
A Kasten of Flensburger Pils

A Kasten of Flensburger Pils

We’ve been drinking a lot of Flensburger Pilsener lately, ostensibly to round out a proper fleet of swing top bottles for home brewing, or “hobbybrauen” as it’s called here. Worse chores exist.

At about 12 oyro for an irregularly-partitioned kasten of 16 0.5 liter bottles, Flens is a splurge. Berliner Kindl runs about half that, but you’d pay twice as much in the U.S. for swing top bottles with no beer in them. And this beer is much more than just a placeholder for Bruid Toddinator’s Bloo-Razz-Weizen — it’s got bam-bitterness, more malt character than most, plus it’s resealable.

Best of all though, the motto is ” plop’ “.

It’s not a slogan like “The Banquet Beer”–an Orwellian moniker only Coors and his buddy Goebbels could conjure. Nor is it “The beer that made Milwaukee famous”–more lies, this one for all of us who’ve never heard of Milwaukee. Those beers want to tell you bed-time stories.

Good old Flens didn’t even go in for “POP!”. That would have been an eccentric yet perfectly plausible slogan. No, even though some marketing guru somewhere probably thinks ” plop’ ” is too risky because of its subconscious connection to whatever, it’s really just an accurate onomatopoeia for the sound the swing top makes when the metal clasp gives way and the Flenster comes out to play.

Through this softly spoken simple truth Flens says to you “remember”.


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