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On the Third Day

April 14, 2009

Phantom Ladybug

Phantom Ladybug

I spotted these phantom ladybugs sunning on a bench in Volkspark. A gang of six little boys surrounded me as I shot the picture and asked what I was doing. At a loss for German words as usual, I blurted “fotografieren”. I was fairly pleased with that, but they just stood there, hands on hips, heads cocked quizzically, waiting for something more. An old anxiety surfaced in me that moment–bane of the bullied–and next thing I knew this chocolate ladybug was unwrapped and in my mouth. Happy Easter, chiguines.

R.I.P. Muddy Mudskipper

R.I.P. Muddy Mudskipper

Sadly, one of our killifish–posthumously dubbed Muddy Muskipper–has seen his first and last Easter. Transitions abound.

Looking good, Muddy. R.I.P.

A Spring Bee

A Spring Bee

Here is a bee on a bush across from an Old West themed public park we found in Dahlem. It’s refreshing to see animals not serving human masters, just hanging out. In the Berlin winter, you couldn’t find one ant to save your life–just besweatered insectile dogs and their rolling frozen turds.

Ostereier von Ludmilla

Ostereier von Ludmilla

Ludmilla dyed these three lovelies. Rubberbands were used to flip the script on the top right one. This just hints at the true power of German egg dyes. They put that Pennslyvania-Dutch-made PAAS placebo to shame. Leave an egg in German dye overnight and you’ll pull out the reincarnation of Carl Sagan: a being of pure light and energy. Consider your aas on notice, Dr. PAAS.

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