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Wurstie Wurst

April 21, 2009
Frische mit Biss

"Freshness with a Bite"

Here is our local bulk wurst counter. The bold scent of sour pork permeates the entire market hall in which it is housed. The wurst frauen running the place, who look like addled car hops, are normally either frazzlin’-out behind the counter (pictured above) or smoking cigarettes in front of it. Who can blame them for improving the wurstie air with tobacco smoke? If baristas come to despise the smell of their daily drudge, God save the wurst frauen.

Lives of Würstchen

While the smell of the wurst counter is all too realistic, the iconography is anything but. Here we see a few scenes from the merry lives of meat products. This probably gives you a feeling like, “würstchen are not so different myself and other people I know”.

True, the curvature of a wurst is similar to that of a jaunty human torso. Also true that the nub of cinched sausage casing bears an uncanny resemblance to a shock of hair, or genitals. And of course the wurst hue is pretty much spot-on normal human color.

However, this misses the whole point of the piece: wurst are not like us; they are not created equal.

The top two sausages pictured above, while probably very nice, are clearly defective one-offs. No wonder the one at the top is so shy, he’s more orange than tan and his arms are completely white–likely the result of some chemical cover up for a lack of naturally occuring gloves. The next one down has shed his acoutrements altogether and gone completely AWOL. He’s not even trying to be eaten anymore and will most likely end up rotting in a crawlspace whenever he runs out of steam.

But how about those dapper chaps down below? They reek of class. Their easy grins connote a bullion-backed confidence that is beyond reproach. You could hate on them, but why not instead commence a mutually rewarding consumer-consumee relationship with your new trusted friends?

By the way, the hat-tipping wurst in the top picture walks just like Avon Barksdale. Who’s gonna step to that?

MAGO Berlin
Berlin Schöneberg – Kaiser Wilhelm-Passage
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz 1-2 10827 Berlin
Mo-Fr 9:3o – 2o.oo Uhr und Sa 9:3o – 2o.oo Uhr
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  1. christy permalink
    July 16, 2009 19:24

    They have THE best sausages in town. I should know, I eat one on a weekly basis, at least. 😉

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