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Muddy’s Return

April 22, 2009
Muddy's Return

Muddy's Return

Muddy Mudskipper‘s Red Rice Kölsch is now bottled, branded and almost ready to drink. The recipe is a standard Kölsch plus something called red cargo rice (modeled on a homebrewed “Pink Pils” I once enjoyed). The taste we stole was not bad at all. It looks pretty muddy, but there are no obvious off flavors or scents. I thank the even keel of our 60 degree cellar for that.


Bottling was a plop thanks to our awesome swing top bottle arsenal. Germany’s bottles and basements are big blessings for hobbybrauers. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find just about everything else for making beer.

Muddy Mudskipper's Red Rice Kölsch

Muddy Mudskipper's Red Rice Kölsch

Now we just have to wait about two more weeks for bottle conditioning, then we’ll see if we have a beer befitting Muddy’s mug. We will be sure to pour some out for our fallen homie.

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  1. April 22, 2009 17:39

    CANT WAIT TO TRY!!!!!!!!!

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