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Summer Thunder at Grunewaldsee

July 16, 2009

It’s looked like it was going to rain any minute for weeks now.  It’s hot and sunny, but most of the time  some really dark clouds are visible in a corner of the sky.  This makes planning more involved outdoor activities tricky.

Some time ago Edward picked me up after an evening class at the Freie Universität in Dahlem.  We wanted to go cool off in one of the lakes in the Grunewald.  It was a perfect summer evening – soft pink sky, warm breeze, birds chirping.  Unfortunately, when we got to the Grunewald, Edward’s bike tire went flat.  So instead of riding to the Krumme Lanke lake we decided to walk to the Grunewaldsee.

Evening at the Grunewaldsee

Evening at the Grunewaldsee

As soon as we got to the lake the weather began to change.  In the next hour we sat by the lake and watched, listened and felt as a storm rolled through the forest.  The breeze that had been warm and seemed to be carrying smells of summer flowers, turned cold and moist.  Slowly, it picked up and became a consistent wind.  All the leaves on all the trees started to rustle.  The sound came towards us like a train – starting far away, deep in the forest, coming closer and finally engulfing us, making the tree next to us come alive.  Clouds moved in.  At first only white clouds which reflected the pink colors of the sky and then black clouds that darkened the forest around us.

The Last Bit of Blue Sky

The Last Bit of Blue Sky

And then we started hearing thunder.  We knew this was probably the sign that we should head back but we were captivated by the storm.  We had listened to it from the beginning and we had to know how the story ended.  So we waited while the thunder came closer.  And we waited until the rain drops started to fall.

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