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Beloved Stowaways

August 29, 2009

A Selection of Fine Ales

A Few Fine Ales

For my birthday, Ludmilla gave me a sharp shooter line up of my most-missed ales. Not only did she pick a perfect spread, she muled this mega poundage (along with a ton of hops) all the way back from California.

After cracking a bomber of Racer 5 into my excellent new Sierra Nevada pint glass (etched with special effervescing hop flowers), I took a whiff and was boggled once again: how can Germans, a people who surely do love beer, be so deprived of these amazing tastes? How can there be a “beers of the world” festival here in Berlin without a single California ale represented?

These questions will be answered shortly in my forthcoming thesis, along with some proposed remedies.

For now, I have some serious drinking to do.

Here’s the break down from left to right:

Baird Beer — Rising Sun Pale Ale
Kiuchi Brewery — Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale
Lagunitas Brewing — Imperial Red Ale
Sierra Nevada — Torpedo Extra I.P.A
Green Flash — West Coast I.P.A
Port Brewing — Wipe Out I.P.A
Port Brewing — Old Viscosity Ale
Bear Republic — Racer 5 I.P.A
Lagunitas — Hop Stoopid Ale
Dogfish Head — Aprihop I.P.A


21st Amendment — Brew Free or Die I.P.A
21st Amendment — Hell or High Watermelon Wheat

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  1. August 30, 2009 04:39

    Can’t wait!

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