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Wild Boar Four Way

September 1, 2009
Wild Boar Four Ways

Wild Boar Four Ways

Our dinner the other night at the Alsatian restaurant, Renger-Patzsch, was the best in Berlin memory. My dish reigned supreme: wild boar baby back ribs, mini-chops and blutwurst, topped with a chicharone–on a bed of whipped potatoes and beluga lentils with reduction sauce.

These tastes of deep fall wooed me from the faltering summer, awakened something that made the August evening chill welcome.

Renger-Patzsch, formerly known as Storch, is on an unassuming neighborhood corner in Schöneberg. It looks good without being gussied up, a classic French bistro. We can’t afford to eat there every night, unfortunately, but the prices are more than fair.

We had a couple of cocktails while waiting for a table next door at Pinguin Club (pronounced pin-goo-een, I’m told)–a dreamy little spot that also serves ice cream (aus “des Pinguins Eisloch”). The Pinguin special, a Campari-gin concoction, was especially nice.

Dreamier still, the ‘guin says it’s open until 4am. Not bad for a sleepy street in Niceberg.

Renger Patzsch Restaurant
Wartburgstr. 54
10823 Berlin (Schöneberg)
030 784 20 59

Pinguin Club
Wartburgstr. 54
10823 Berlin (Schöneberg)
030 781 30 05

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