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Losers Weepers

September 2, 2009
Lost-Property Office

Lost-Property Office

Going to the lost-and-found in Berlin is quite a trip. To begin with, the office is located in a corner of the now closed Tempelhof airport – a giant structure which once satisfied the Nazis’ desire for Monumentalism.

Thank You for Your Understanding

Thank You for Your Understanding

At the front door, you are welcomed by this sign.  It says:

Due to the “new flu” we will refrain from shaking your hand!

Interesting – until now, I was not aware that shaking hands was customary in such a situation. Obviously, I’ve missed my chances here, but maybe I’ll try it the next time I go to the post office or bank.

The View

The View

Once you pass through two heavy double doors you find yourself in a swimming pool-like hallway. Behind three different doors lie three different types of lost objects.

Number 1:  General objects (including bags, clothes, glasses and instruments) and special objects

Number 2:  Keys and vehicles (including bikes, scooters, boats and strollers)

Number 3:  Valuables and electronic equipment

Bitte 1x Läuten

Bitte 1x Läuten

After you have figured out behind which of the three counters you might find your lost object please ring the bell one time, one time only, and someone will crawl from the depths of lost articles eager to help you find your valuable. Pah! They have had it with people losing their things.  So don’t bother showing up unless you have exactly what it is they require as evidence that the thing you are trying to pick up actually belongs to you. Anything that you would consider evidence enough will not be accepted.

Most likely, you will return home empty handed, but one Berlin experience richer.

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  1. Susan permalink
    September 12, 2009 17:41

    This is also strangely dream like. But what a sweet thought to have such an entity! So what did you lose, anyway? Prove it.

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