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Joker 4 Chanz

September 8, 2009

"Only Green Helps Come Out of the Crisis"

"Only Green Can Get Us Out of This Crisis"

I don’t get the Obama-Joker posters that the birthers, or deathers, or teabaggers are waving around back in The States. I didn’t think the Joker had a political affiliation. But socialist? His wily antics seem, if anything, anarchistic.

Well, I stand corrected: the Joker would be a Green.

Check out the color scheme and mischievous Lady Elaine Fairchilde eyebrow cock on Green Party Bundestag candidate, Renate Künast. Her website reads (expertly bizarrified via Google):

Renate Künast has many faces: sometimes it rolls on skates through the Brandenburg Gate, and another time she stands in the midst of flowers or on the lectern in the Bundestag.
A closer look is worthwhile in any case.

Take one, if you’re a German voter, and enjoy your full spectrum of voteable colors.

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