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September 14, 2009


DLC Award Winning Granola Brand Choc Blop

DLG Award Winning Granola Brand Choc Blop

I’ve always known granola as a more or less healthy type of breakfast cereal, rather than a brand. “Choc-Blop”, by contrast, is like a generic term of derogation my parents might have improvised in the supermarket aisle. As in, “I’m not buying you any ‘Tootie Frooties’, or ‘Choc-Bloppers’, or ‘Count Flatula’. That stuff is junk.”

Enter, solemnly, un-frosted miniature shredded wheats and skim milk (more fun than the life-sized haystacks), plus an on again-off again, ultimately unfulfilled, fascination with Grape Nuts. I refused to accept that the nuts of the grape tree could possibly be so desolate tasting and texturally vicious. The math goes (grape nuts = blue balls).

Anyways, if I were a child du jour, you can bet I’d be referencing that Granola logo and imaginary quality award (Choc-Blop wins every year). Then I’d show my mom that the box is written in German on one side and Italian on the other, and explain that it’s really a question of cerebral enrichment.


See, see?

See, See?

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  1. Carrie permalink
    January 16, 2010 01:57

    I’m so glad someone else spotted these in Berlin! (^_^) I picked them up by accident (cocoa + under 3 euros was about as far as the thought process went) and only really noticed the name back home when the box was sitting on my kitchen shelf…

    …It’s marketing genius!

    So much so that I actually cut off the front of the box and stuck it up in my room in the UK when I came back here.

    Really awesome blog (^_^)


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