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September 16, 2009


I’m sitting at a sturdy table with a black beer in front of me. Evening’s arrived early and the air is clean silver. The wood smells like someone smoked for fifty years but stopped a while ago.

Working people are stepping out of the old subway arch, while the raggedy rubber bass of Fischer-Z is bouncing eerie triumph for me and the old woman at the bar. She steps out for a cigarette after every song.

Markischer-Landman Schwarzbier

“Down in their bunkers, under the sea, men pressing buttons don’t care about me”, the song goes.

I think about before the wall fell. Maybe it was snowing outside and the place was full of smoke. Someone was dropping hot D-Marks on the bar.

In the Dining Room

The dining room contains no less than twenty photographs of our neighborhood attraction, the gasometer.

S-Bahn Schöneberg

After living here for almost a year, we never realized until last week that there was a second exit to our metro station. It happens to be one-hundred times as otherworldly. Not to mention it spits one out directly into Resonanz. Turns out ours was the back exit.

And this is the real geisterbahn.

Ebersstraße 66
10827 (Schöneberg)
030 7814 634

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  1. Shinette permalink
    September 18, 2009 19:20

    A renaissance Resonanz.. love the walking fish.

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