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Go Bären

September 19, 2009

Go Bears.

Other bears one hears more about in Germany:

Waschbären —  “washing bears” which we call “raccoons”

Nasenbären —  “nose bears” which I guess we call “coatis”

Wasserbären — microscopic “bears” a.k.a. “tardigrades” that live everywhere there is moisture

Gummibären — well, you know, but they fetch more buzz because they taste so much better

Water bear, water bear! Where are you? Come out of your dark moss!

— Martin Moch (

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  1. Scheinette permalink
    September 20, 2009 22:17

    The Russian bear is huge and wild,
    It has devoured the infant child,
    The infant child is not aware,
    It has been eaten by the bear

    A.E. Housman

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