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Eis de los Muertos

September 25, 2009

roseWe found these spooky penguins zombie-waddling around a community center display box en route to Inka Eis, our neighborhood Latin American ice creamery.


Inka Eis had long intrigued me but it wasn’t until this coppery chestnut laden afternoon that we gave it a try. Inka came highly recommended by my intercultural awareness instructor–a shorn German fellow with round wire-rimmed spectacles who often referred to his Brazilian wife (even demonstrating her soulful strut against that of the ostensibly clench propelled German Woman), and super-trilled the names of my Columbian and El Salvadorian colegas with a little raised eyebrow. Much to live up to, klar.

I went for red corn and guayabana, while Ludmilla got tamarindo and chili-naranja. All were quite good, but chili-naranja was the stand out for me. It was genuinely spicy–not just German scharf–and sweet relief was close at hand with the zest-flecked homemade style orange cream.

One say soon, we’ll have to see how Des Pinguins Eisloch stacks up.

Inka Eis
Belziger Str. 44,
10823 Berlin (Schöneberg)
175 6065 544

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