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Help Me, Obi-Wan

October 9, 2009


S-Bahn emergency alarm buttons are Nature’s sweethearts.

The bookending of the word “HELP” might just be a flamboyant flourish by a safety minded button vault-factory lifer, but it sure cuts the mental silhouette of an aborted proto-palindrome (a.k.a. “palindrone”). Believe me, it takes a lot of HELPNOTRUFHELPs before one strikes that symmetric black gold.

Of course it’s not a palindrome–but surely it must produce some decent anagrams. Well, thanks to¬†Dean Jackson we know, “The Helpful Porn’s anagram name is HELL! FUN PROPHET”. Both of those would be great to see on a sweetheart. Certainly beats “WHIZ KID”.

By the by, did you ever hear the one about the two batshit insane MI-5 commandos arguing about the best places on earth to urinate in public? If you’ve met me in real life, chances are yes. Anyhow, the discussion goes something like,

“Here, peed on tons. A Zagreb bulb flower absorbs, as bro’s bare wolf blubber.”–“Gaza’s not no deeper, eh?”

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