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October 16, 2009

The bahn station at Ostkreuz has a style all its own. We took a few pictures early one morning on the way home from Oliver’s Meierei, our favorite nachtcafé.


A mountain of sodden poster pulp. The rain doesn’t care about upcoming events. It will be attending all of them.


This is the new gleis at ring-bahn Ostkreuz. All sleek and shiny. We will miss the old one.


The mix of abundant mist and industrial light pollution would make Andrew Lloyd Webber adjust his turtleneck.

And if you find yourself at Oli’s someday, you really must try the Black Magic Woman, a delightful drink that does its duty.

Oliver’s Meierei Ostkreuz (MO)
Neue Bahnhof Str. 34
Berlin (Friedrichshain)
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