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Vandalous Visage Round-Up!

December 22, 2009

Faces abound on Berlin’s markable surfaces. Some are tiny and elusive like the baby Mao my dad spotted around Warschauer Straße, pictured above. Others span vast windowless walls. The good ones belong.

Here is the other side. Anthropomorphosis done right doesn’t create a personality, but rather articulates and makes explicit a feeling the inanimate object already possesses.

This beauty is actually from a monastery wall on a quiet hill in Prague. There could be a different face there, but this really feels like the one to me.

This is from the Habermeyer bathroom in Friedrichshain. I like to think it was drawn someone named Dallas Tibet.

Come here, let me holler at you face to face.

See Ace been place to place and seen plenty of them.

But don’t let the face fool you.

So many of them must still remain faceless. –Aceyalone

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