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January 6, 2010

This is our neighborhood pet store. It has been here for fifty years, at least, he says. The old man is certainly old enough. He is old enough, in fact, to have opened the shop fifty years ago as a pet project upon retirement. He is small and bald and amiable. He shuffles very slowly between the bird seed and the fish tanks and the musky hamsters. He sports thick spectacles and a white lab coat, which makes him appear both adorable and wholly overqualified. He also happens to be the Mona Lisa of liars. Read more…


Vandalous Visage Round-Up!

December 22, 2009

Faces abound on Berlin’s markable surfaces. Some are tiny and elusive like the baby Mao my dad spotted around Warschauer Straße, pictured above. Others span vast windowless walls. The good ones belong. Read more…


December 17, 2009

In the winter months, Berlin’s high latitude and low altitude yield a bleak urban tundra. The abundant summer green deciduates and rots. Bushes and trees become dark skeletons. But if you look closely there is another kind of spring with strange and lovely blossoms all its own. Read more…

Funny Plane Set

December 16, 2009

“It won’t fall down from the platform,

it goes up and down, trun around

on the platform with the real engine sound”

This toy’s main main selling point is that it does not fall off the platform on which it is created to run.

Spotted at the Dong Xuan Center, where else?

Devil in the Retail

December 13, 2009

We came across this totally cute home and gift shop in the twilight betwixt earth and flesh, where the grinding of souls whispers a tale of how the dead do dance. Right by Pizza Hut. Read more…

Looks Like You’ve Blown a Seal

October 29, 2009

carPinguin Club is our favorite neighborhood bar. It doubles as an ice cream shop called “des Pinguins Eisloch” (the penguin’s ice-hole). Read more…


October 19, 2009


Walking along a gritty, industrial street on our way back from picking up a twenty liter Weinballon (carboy), I noticed some of these lying on the ground. Wow, I thought, those really look like hops, but they can’t be– just growing along a fence separating S-Bahn train-tracks? But they were!

Read more…